Chhatrapati  Shahu  Ji  Maharaj  University,  Kanpur  is  has  aimed  to  accelerate the   Research   and   Development   through   igniting   Researches   in   various disciplines   and   inviting   Research  Proposals  for  the  grant  of  Minor  Research Projects during the current academic year i.e. 2021-22. The present scheme is introduced to promote and encourage Research Culture  among  teachers  so  as  to equip  them  to  take  up  challenging  research activities in future career


General Instruction:

The Minor Research Proposal should be prepared strictly according to the format given in ANNEXURE – I

The following documents should be enclosed with the proposal.

Brief Bio-Data (ANNEXURE – II)

Endorsement (ANNEXURE – III) from the Head of the Dept. / College/ Institute on the official letter head. endorsement from Head of Institution/Registrar is not needed because it is in-house program. Rather a declaration from applicant would be better and the same shall be forwarded by HoD/HoIs.

-If facilities from Collaborating Laboratories/ Organisations are to be used, then a Letter of Consent from the Head of that institution/ organisation allowing the use of such facilities

List of Publications (Papers & Books published / accepted) during last five years)

Guidelines for Writing Project Proposal:

1)  The Project Proposal should have a Brief Title not exceeding two-lines to clearly indicate its subject & aim. The introduction of the proposed research work must cover the Origin of Research Problem, Interdisciplinary Relevance, and Review of Research & Development in the subject.

2)  Provide comprehensive background information about the project.

3)  Review the published work in the area with appropriate references from National or International journals. site the major references most pertinent to the subject and justification to carry out the work in the light of the background information.

4)  The rationale behind carrying out the project should be clearly written as the justification for carrying out the proposed research. It should logically explain the reasons for carrying out the research work and explain how it will further add to our knowledge in the respective field or result in further application.

5)  Research work should not be repetitive of similar work done earlier either by the investigator or by any other person.

6)  Briefly describe the proposed Plan of Work. Describe in general the Techniques to be used.

7)  Give  Details  of  Infrastructural  Facilities  like  Water  &  Electricity,  Laboratory Space, Equipments, Library, Administrative and Secretarial support, ICT Facilities, Computation and Documentation Facilities etc.

8)  Give details of the facilities available in the laboratory/ organization to carry out the research work. Give details of Special Laboratory Facilities and any other such facility (please specify)

9)  List the facilities that will be extended to the investigator by the implementing institution with details of available equipment and accessories to be utilized for the projects with Name of Equipment, Model and Make, Mention whether it is available with investigator or available in the Department or available elsewhere in the Institution or in the region with Collaborating Institutions.

10)If facilities from some other laboratories are to be used, mention the type of facilities  and  the  name  of  the  Collaborating  institution  where  these  will  be available.

11) The investigator should write a brief conclusion of the project stating how completion of the project will enhance the understanding of the concerned subject and whether it will lead to any applications in the future.

12) Mention about collaborations (Research institution/Industry), if intended.

Guidelines for Preparing Budgets:

The Budget should be prepared for different heads of expenditure such as:

1. Consumables and Chemicals with information about their approximate costs.

2. Equipment: Request for small equipment may be considered depending on its necessity and non-availability in the department/institute.

(Purchased of major equipment will not be considered).

3. Other expenditure such as Contingency and Local Travel, if needed, may be considered. The date of commencement of the Project will start from the date on which the University approves the Projects.

The Investigator/s will be governed by the rules and regulations of the University/ College/ Institute and will be under administrative control of the University/ College/ Institute for the duration of the Project.

The Investigator shall complete the project within the stipulated period. Head of the Departments/Institutions will monitor the project and in case of failure to complaint the Research Project, University may issue the closure notice for the project. If any scientific misconduct is observed, University may ask for the refund of the amount utilized as project grant.

Project must be confined to specific research areas so as the study gets completed within the Granted Time Period.


Important Note:

The scheme welcomes proposals with innovations & new technologies which can be patented or the technology can be transferred. The   thematic   areas   such   as   development   on   cross-sectoral   areas   such   as   health, communicable  and emerging   infectious   diseases,   environmental  management,   climate   change   adaptation and       mitigation       measures,       agricultural       technologies,       alternative       energy, biodiversity,       food       processing,       advanced       materials       for       development       of value-added     products,     various     societal     upliftment     aspects,  social issues.

After completion of the Research Project, Principal Investigator should submit TWO COPIES of the report with a soft copy in the form of CD/pendrive to

The Dean,

Research & Development

Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University

Kalyanpur, Kanpur

Principal Investigators will be invited to give presentation of the completed projects before the Expert Committee.

Quality Research Projects recommended by the Expert Committee may be further promoted by the University.

Researchers  will  be  encouraged  to  publish  their  work  in  reputed  indexed

National/ International Journals.

It is mandatory to put one page synopsis of the sanctioned Research Project on Institution’s Web site.

The Quality MRPs preferably incorporating Applied Research encouraging young researchers should be forwarded

Upper Limit of the Project Proposal outlay should be upto Rs 3.0 Lakh

No Infrastructural Facilities or Instruments will be granted in the MRPs, however in case of Special Considerations permission should be taken from Board of Deans

Projects will be scrutinized in University by Expert Committee

Final Decision to Grant MRPs will be taken by APEX COMMITTEE constituted by the

Vice Chancellor with  representatives from Industry and Academia

Project Submission:

The Four Copies of the Research Proposal (ANNEXURE – I, II and III) and soft copy in the form of CD/pendrive along with the above documents should be sent through PROPER CHANNEL (through Head of the Department/ Director / Principal of   the   college   /   Institute)   marking   the   Envelop   with   Title   of   the   Project, Approved / Non approved status, Programme, Name of PI, Name of the College, Mail ID and Mobile No of PI (Through Inward Section of the University) to:

The Dean,

Research & Development Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University

Kalyanpur, Kanpur


Note: Incomplete projects submissions may be summarily rejected.